Yoga Poses for Two: Couples Goals!

Are you looking for something to do with your partner? Check these yoga poses for two! They give you the perfect mix of exercising and quality time with your loved one!

Double Downward Dog

How it works: Start by standing with your feet hip-width apart and put the same amount of weight on the other and push it into your arms and hands until your chest comes loose and the floor comes loose. Take a deep breath, stretch out your arm, and hold it for a few breaths, then move forward until you meet your partner by the hand. Walk forward, holding both arms outward, and walk with your hands in front of you as far as you can. 

Buddy boat

How to do it: Start with your feet – wide apart and your hands in front of you, Then partner # 2 puts his feet on the lower back of partner # 1 and then puts his hands on his legs and points in the same direction and slowly raises both legs. Take the pose in two steps, step back towards your partner with the side of your foot – behind – and kick him in the lower back, and move forward with both hands, stretching your legs out to create a down shape. 

A modified version of this pose is done by partner 1 and partner 2 in dog position with hands in front of them. Partner 2 is one arm length away from you and should try to keep your legs as straight as possible and repeat the dog – position downwards, but place your hands on partner # 1 “s back. Then he stretches out his arms, holds firmly the ankles of partner # 2, and moves forward with both hands. 

Double Plank

This Yoga poses for two people – the person area is for yogis of medium level, but if you have tried the simple beginner yoga poses of two in the previous section and feel better up to the challenge, try again. 

If the following poses are too easy for you, please read on and try the advanced yoga pants yourself. This pose requires a little more effort than the simple beginner’s jog in the previous section, but not too much. 

Square pose

How it works: First fold the soles of your feet, bend down on your knees and sit with your partner with your legs spread. Reach out to the outside of your leg, grab your partner’s hand and start bending your knees. 

Work on finding balance by sitting upright as opposed to sitting on your pelvis and make sure you are sitting on your bones by tilting your pelvis into a neutral position. 

Extended forward leg pose

How it works: One person starts in a normal plank, then the second person climbs up and puts his hands on his partner’s ankles, puts his tiptoes on his shoulders, and then climbs down. This is a pose that looks lighter than it is, so get your core into the right position and pull it down on your lower back. The partners stretch arms and legs together to a boat position, hands in front of them and feet in the air. 

This pose looks easier than it is, but if you are struggling, you can change it by doing the following: If you are struggling with it, change the pose to do so. 

Chair & Shoulderstand

The base partner lies on his back, with his hands behind him, then grabs his ankles and stretches out his arms as if they were on top of him in a plank position. 

Remember to squeeze your abdomen as closely as possible with your legs as if you are on your base partner’s back and as close to your chest as possible. 

Then sit on your base partner and lift his arms above his head while bending the top of your partner to create a square position. Start with the change of position described above, but with a slightly lower back and lower hip than before. 

This is a great way to build core strength, so why not see how many sit-ups you can do with that move up? 


This step improves balance and posture and helps to build trust between you and your partner and to promote balance in your body. 

Stand with one leg in the middle and hold the other in your forearm, placing the leg on your partner’s shoulder while holding it at the ankle. Lift your right leg upward while your partner lifts it with your left hip, keeping your knees straight and feet flexed. 

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